Our Mission

The Preservation League of Staten Island (PLSI) works for the conservation and continued vitality of Staten Island's historic resources. The League was founded in 1977 by a group of community-minded citizens concerned about Staten Island's vanishing historic environment. We sponsor programs about the recognition, care and restoration of historic properties. We have given neighborhood and historic house tours and we confer annual awards for outstanding preservation work. Landmark designation for significant sites is a priority.


The Preservation League of Staten Island (PLSI) is the only borough-wide historic preservation organization in New York City. Organized in 1977, the League works toward enriching Staten Island’s sense of community by promoting and advocating the conservation of its diverse and significant historic built environment and cultural landscapes. It has been active in advocating for historic preservation through various programs, including an annual awards program, walking tours of Staten Island's neighborhoods, historic house tours and technical and educational assistance with historic restoration and landmarking.
  • Barnett Shepherd, Executive Director
  • John Kilcullen, President
  • Linda Eskenas, Vice President
  • Anna Porter, Treasurer
  • Angela d'Aiuto
  • Nick Dowen
  • George Bramwell
  • Kevin Fisher
  • John Foxell
  • Joyce Malerba Goldstein
  • Warren MacKenzie
  • Halina McCormack
  • Joann Nelsen
  • Nicholas F. Matranga
Advisory Board:
  • Ted Brown
  • James Ferreri
  • Susan Fowler
  • David Goldfarb
  • Mitchell Grubler
  • Tara Harrison
  • Marjorie Johnson
  • Linda Jones
  • Billee Ludders
  • Denise Rampulla
  • Barnett Shepherd
  • Janet Wassmuth
  • David Goldfarb
  • Chan Graham
Preservation League of Staten Island
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Our main Website is at The Preservation League of Staten Island.